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- Received velvetrose03, openings16, calculation18, hanjyuu11, yourhonor13, pawn09, ramble12, lovemaster04, kyudo13, beastking19, meanies04, speedroid17, crush03, bail02, whatkey07, cuteness09, mainyu02, sanallites04, sharnoth16, belle03, jealousy18, maxter09, shulshagana02, nenthreads13, maddog10, sorceria09, hammer-on09, drillspear19, kensei13, lowee11, dystopia05, cavernoftime06, lemurian15, comicrelief19, honeybuddha04, paralysis18, trucking01, angelysugar14, thecrow18, saboteur20, pokepals11, picasso20, mihotoke04, fellstar18, together15, cellist04, whitealbum20, energysword19, peterpan16, godaime11, maids20, cool19, *1 red crayon, *2 blue crayons, *1 gray crayon from Pot of Gold 109.
- Received spin15, current19, jiggies16, *1 brown crayon from Mastering penance deck.
- Received spin18, somen09, gods06, *1 orange crayon from Green level up.

- Received penance17, penance18, penance19, penance20 from Koinuko.
- Received zanza10, pooka06, themongrel17, godspeed13, stockpot11, therese20, karakuri07, kabukidance14, exchanger14, emperor19 from Pokeradar 305.
- Received mintendo08, tadpole11, selamatpagi06, havoc11, proven07, mtsilver04, 18plus15, enjoy06, selamatpagi05, crater07 from Most Wanted 50.

- Gifted vegitamura03 to Koinuko.
- Traded thezombie01 to Elijah for penance15.
- Received cureblack05, niconico15, onigiri12, paperthin06, sarcasm02, portalstone06 from Player Report 233.
- Received fraud09 from Release 153.
- Traded fraud09 to Nika for penance05.
- Received spin13, monoceros08, diverdown08, generosity11, spin14, monoceros09, penance11 from Little Spell Academia 246.
- Received penance02, penance06, penance08, penance09, penance10, penance13, penance14, penance16 from Glorious Green Shop.

- Traded selfiestick08 to Angie for freezer07.
- Received kanamoney19 from Angie.
- Received fractureray08, incontrol05, shinsei02, sig_pepsiharlot from Release 153
- Traded fractureray08 to Noelle for penance04.
- Traded incontrol05 to Ouiji for penance01.
- Traded viruses01 to Factoryvampire for bullfrog16.
- Traded hazakura18 to Kyuu for redriot14.
- Traded shinsei02 to Trina for penance03.
- Traded apprehensive16, buddhism13, kayo-chin01, pashupata13, novbirthday18 to Arianne for redeyes01, redeyes10, freezer03, freezer17, and freezer19.
- Gave *2 red crayons to Black and White Shop.
- Received *8 red candies from Black and White Shop.

- Received penance12, blooddevil11, lorddeath02, spin11, bullfrog03, spin12, vegitamura03 from Release 153.
- Received killrecord15, buddhism13, ko03, bikes07, diary03, novbirthday18, records12, heartattack02 from Reading Between the Lines 327.

- Received bullfrog02, leaders15, knuckles04, *1 yellow crayon from Mastering brainfluid deck.
- Received spin09, lightning12, cradle05, *1 orange crayon from Yellow level up.
- Received bullfrog01, brainfluid18, monoceros03, generosity07, spin0, huntress02, monoceros05, monoceros06, monoceros07, generosity08 from Little Spell Academia 245.
- Received monoceros14, bullfrog06 from Gloomlee.

- Received monoceros15 from Ange.
- Received onett16, mutt18, steam15, distanced14, microquaker18, redchamber09, mittermeyer14, thezombie01, magiccrests18, eikons18 from Pokeradar 304.
- Received noble10, koopalings16, hellokitty17, cerberion17, kayo-chin17 from Most Wanted 49.
- Gifted hellokitty17 to Koinuko.

- Received rumraisin19, hizoku07, fatal03, pragmatic07, grace15, tough10, knightmare07, clarines12, sirakkikamuy03, littlesister05, hazakura18, elivagar03, neverfails12, invader13, mrpoliceman16, fang18, cementarii18, coffeemagic13, ssrb15, doppel08, rules01, sonati15, cutegirls15, deathdrive02, danganbeat05, chariot07, serena06, sea10, memorial11, mitsume16, *1 gray crayon from Puzzle Chains 243.
- Received courtyard11, crusher02, rigging02, apprehensive16, viruses01, sos16, solarbeam20, oblivion04 from Reading Between the Lines 326.

- Received huntress01, brainfluid11, brainfluid12, brainfluid13, brainfluid14, brainfluid15, brainfluid16, brainfluid17 from Little Spell Academia 244
- Donated beachboy16 to Switch It Up 206
- Received spin10 from Switch It Up 206

- Traded lightmusic10 to Ares for monoceros17.
- Received monoceros14 from Ares.
- Received sparkling04, mild07, tadpole16, selfiestick08, pashupata13 from Most Wanted 48.

- Traded buzzer17 to Koinuko for monoceros04.

- Received brainfluid19, brainfluid20, spin16, spin19, bullfrog05, *2 red crayons, *2 orange crayons, *2 yellow crayons, *2 green crayons, *2 blue crayons, *2 purple crayons, *2 brown crayons, *2 gray crayons from Lex.
- Traded pomefiore04 to Lex for monoceros14.

-Received biracial03, magma11, carefree11, reploids02, pharmacist11, quiet03, cureearth13, slumber19 from Between the Lines 325.

- Received balbadd07 from Koinuko.

- Received brainfluid05, brainfluid06, diverdown04, diverdown05, diverdown06, mars04, generosity04, mars05, brainfluid07, brainfluid08, diverdown07, brainfluid10 from Little Spell Academia 243.
- Received generosity05, swordfish04, illegitimate10, *1 purple crayon from Orange Level Up Rewards.
- Received redsea05, tadpole02, bullseye02, taurus10, pomefiore04 from Most Wanted 47.
- Traded taurus10 to Sanshoku for mars17.

- Traded mob11, astralartes13 to Ouji for brainfluid04, generosity18

- Received divinelaw03, dusk19, searching03, enroll18, ruckus01, gakuenk18, drag09, beachboy16 from Reading Between the Lines 324.
- Received diverdown11, generosity09, generosity10, generosity19, freezer08, freezer20, bullfrog14 from Pia.

- Received nomotivation20, littledevil16, videogames10, dannoura14, inabox11, energysword12, orthopedics17, secondroom01, nqm19, einstein06 from Puzzle Chains 241.

- Traded sig_pepsiharlot to Lenga for sig_lenga.
- Traded vows12 to Lenga for freezer04.
- Received brainfluid09 from Lenga.

- Received monoceros02, goblin04, buzzer17 from Mastering veteran deck.
- Received *1 green crayon from Mastering veteran deck.

- Received mob11, starry09, vows12, astralartes13, hairpin12 from Most Wanted 46.

- Received lightclub16, veteran17, spin06, spin07, generosity02, veteran18, veteran19, diverdown03, generosity03, veteran20, mars02, mars03 from Little Spell Academia 242
- Gifted lightclub16 to Koinuko.
- Received freezer05 from Koinuko.

- Received sig_pepsiharlot, sig_pepsiharlot, sig_pepsiharlot from Signup.
- Traded sig_pepsiharlot to Koinuko for sig_koinuko.

- Received generosity06, bullfrog09, bullfrog20 from Koinuko.
- Received veteran12, veteran13, diverdown02, generosity01 , veteran14, veteran15, veteran16 from Puzzle Chains Bonus Reward.

- Received comrade15, see15 from Signup.
- Received chocobars04, veteran01, spin01, spin02, babyface04, phonecalls05, monoceros01, brainfluid01, spin03, brainfluid02, veteran02, blurry02, mars01, veteran03, veteran04, brainfluid03, phonecalls06, veteran05, spin04, spin05, blurry03, veteran06, veteran07, diverdown01, blurry04, veteran09, veteran10, veteran11 from Little Spell Academia 241.
- Gifted chocobars04, babyface04, phonecalls05, blurry02, phonecalls06, blurry03, blurry04 to Koinuko.

- Received badfortune06, gakuen16, lightmusic10, lyricist12, makimaki03, swordmaster20, veteran04, veteran08 from Signup.


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