Hiiiii! I'm Livia

Ok fuck it ill fix this later...


@pepsi.harlot on Instagram.


Birding, Drawing, Researching.

Fave TV Shows:

Antiques Roadshow, Rawhide, and Psych

Fave Movies:

Bringing Up Baby, Grand Budapest Hotel, The General, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Cool Hand Luke, The Darjeeling Limited.

Fave Bands:

Rogue Wave, Sufjan Stevens, The Who, The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie/ The Postal Service, Bright Eyes, Donovan, Orville Peck, REM, Streetlight Manifesto, Offspring, Eagles, The Police, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Kinks, Everclear, Shakey Graves, The Mountain Goats, Pavement, Woody Guthrie, Doc Watson, and Pinback.

Fave Animals:

Turkey Vulture, Giant African Bullfrog, and Screaming Hairy Armadillo

Fave Historical Eras/ Topics:

19th Century American West, 19th Century Russia (esp. St. Petersburg & Sakhalin), turn of the century American amusement parks, 60s/70s British Rock n Roll, 1930s Okies, 1920s American Film.